Resources for Writers & Artists

Since I am a writer AND an artist, I loooove the Internet. There are so many fabulous resources and inspirational tools for us out there! Here are some I find very helpful.

For Writers

Writing helps:
Online Thesaurus
Grammar Girl

Awesome Blogs to inspire, network, and provide tips:
Throwing Up Words - YA Writers
Elana Johnson - Publishing Journey
Seth Godin - On living an optimized creative life
David Farland's Daily Kick in the Pants - Writer motivation

Conferences and Communities
Writing and Illustrating for Young Readers - UT
The Book Academy - UT
Life, The Universe, And Everything - UT
Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators - National
Arizona Authors

Get Published:
Writers of the Future
Wily Writers
Warp & Weave
Abyss & Apex
Hunger Mountain
Writer's Digest

For Artists

Supplies and Tools:
Utrecht - Traditional Art Supplies
Jerry's Artarama - Trad Art Supplies
Vistaprint - Printing Services
Kwiksher - Photoshop Animation Plugin
GIMP - Gnu Image Manipulation Program (free open source software)

Folio Academy - Online instruction
Will Terry - Professional and personal considerations for illustrators
Seth Godin - On living an optimized creative life

Free Skull Download
Anatomy for Sculptors
DeviantART stock photographers

Idea Generators:
Chaotic Shiny
Non-humanoid characters
Story Generator
Seventh Sanctum

Get Published:
Spectrum Fantastic Art
Expose by Ballistic Publishing
Society of Illustrators
Warp & Weave
Fine Art America

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