About Lee

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Alicia's friends call her Lee.

Lee was born on December 20th.  That makes her a Christmas baby.  Pretty much.  She was born in Germany.  She does not speak German.  But she does speak English.  At least well enough to let people know how she feels about modern cinema.

This is what she looks like sometimes (she especially looks like this when reading creepy books in bookstores.)

She is an artist, writer, musician, photographer, wife, and mother. And sister. And daughter. And AUNT! Here's her nephew and niece:

Lee likes to take pictures.  Sometimes she takes pictures of herself and puts them in artistic arrangements.  Like this:

Lee has one brother.  He looks like this:

He used to be her favorite before she met her husband.  Now her husband is her favorite.  Sorry, Jon.

Here is a list of things that interest Lee:

Novels, trees, roller skates, sushi, photography, science-fiction, handmade journals, blank books, sketchbooks, Halloween, cream puffs, animation, ninjas, figure skating competitions, painting, drawing, collage, hot chocolate, conferences, unicorns, tulips, weird clothes, stuffed animals, martial arts movies, Coke Zero, dragons, the ocean, flash fiction, birthday parties, zombies, koi, memoirs, jewelry boxes, Renaissance festivals, horses, Christmas carols, sunflowers, show tunes, graphic novels, coloring books, blue, octopuses, steampunk, the '80s. 

Here is a picture of Lee wearing her steampunk costume:

Here is a list of things Lee loves a lot:

Her family, her friends (who she considers family), spring in Utah Valley, winter in Arizona, reading books, watching movies and then critiquing them, taking pictures, exploring, making up stories, creative writing classes, watching people make art.

Here is a list of things Lee wants to be:

Movie director, astronaut, flamenco dancer, science-fiction writer, princess, rock star, quantum physicist, fashion designer, stage actress, chef, cattle driver, volcanologist, screen writer, a dead body on Law & Order.

She has four kids.  One daughter who writes novels and carries a sketch book.  One son who is obsessed with space and reading text books.  One daughter who draws comics and reads incessantly.  One son who loves MLP and Legos and reading middle grade adventure books.

She has one husband.  He is Lee's biggest fan. Here is a picture of Lee's husband wearing his steampunk costume:

She lives with two cats who are not her favorite (one is her mortal enemy) and one sweet dog.

Lee used to be a drummer in a Rock Band band called Dirty Vulcan.  The band hasn't played in about four years.  Lee used to be able to play most of the songs on hard, but if they ever get the band back together, she will probably have to start on easy.

When Lee was at university, she and her friend started a club for weird grownups called The Creative Collective. The Collective would get together every couple of months for a rad costume party/poetry slam.

Lee has a piano in her living room.  Sometimes she plays it.

She has a Mr. Potato Head collection and a My Little Pony collection.

When she felt like she was going crazy one time, Geary gave her a pink elephant.  He lives in a box.  She named him Floyd.

Lee likes to tape pictures on the walls.
She hates getting into cars that have baked in the sun.

Lee is querying her first novel and working on her second novel. She divides her time between painting, reading, writing, and listening to movies while she's painting.

Lee has three books available for purchase. She has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Illustration from Utah Valley University, where she graduated cum laude. This means she's a for-reals artist. She lives in Arizona with her husband, four unruly children, and seven bajillion books.

Biographical stuff:
Born: Amberg, West Germany, 20 Dec
Siblings: One brother, Jonathan
Graduated: Mountain Pointe High School, AZ
Graduated: Utah Valley University, BFA in Illustration cum laude
Have worked as: a collector, a customer service rep, a receptionist, a full-time mother, a shopgirl, a freelance artist and a freelance writer
Four children: two girls, two boys, all brilliant
Currently living in: Arizona

Question: How long have you wanted to be a writer?
Answer: Forever -- since I knew what books were and how the stories got there on the page.

What's the hardest part about writing?
Not writing.

How do you balance an art business with a professional writing schedule?
My husband helps me. A lot.

What's your favorite personal project to date?
The Apocalyptic Nursery Rhymes. Have you seen those? I'm so funny.

How funny are you?
Just ask Kenna. She'll tell you.