Friday, September 30, 2016

So It's Been A While...

As happens on this blog.

You guys know.

I go inactive and then I come back and it's all rainbows and productivity and then I disappear again.

This is me.

And I'm not even posting any images to keep your interest. Lame.

No Inktober this year. My apologies. I know you love it. But you can look at past Inktobers and enjoy the twisted fish tales.

I've been pretty deep into a personal project, which is brilliant and gives me life, but it's anonymous, so I can't tell anyone about it. Awesome, huh? So maybe you've run across it and you don't even KNOW. All I can say is that it's an image-based, novel-length narrative in first-person POV written daily in 2100-character installments in an experimental format, and it explores issues of: mental illness, human connection, social marginalization, family dysfunction, healing from trauma, and the nature of love. And it's LGBT lit. And speculative fiction. And it's rad.

I got a two-book contract that doesn't have anything to do with writing and everything to do with art, but will involve a lot of writing. Nonfiction writing. So... there's that. I'll let you know how everything progresses. When I feel like posting. Which might be never until it's all over and I'm dead.

The weather is finally cooling down. So that's a plus.

I had a solo art show last week in Phoenix. 30 pieces, hundreds of people showed. Pretty cool. But no one knew who I was and I didn't have my people with me, so I just sat and texted my bestie until the occasional visitor was tenacious enough to track down the artist. One such person ended up being Scott Craven, author of middle-grade book series Dead Jed. We actually ended up hiding in a corner and talking shop about writing for a good long time. Here's to new friends. Writer friends. Who actually live in town.

I usually go dormant around this time, but I'm going to be hella busy this year, with writing two books, and this personal project and hopefully a crapload of DawgArt commissions, so if you need me, I'll be here in my corner, writing and painting and wishing I could just be sitting in a movie theater watching some sci-fi thing like Rogue One, or Passengers, or The Space Between Us, or Morgan, or Arrival, or The Circle, or Guardians of the Galaxy: Volume 2, or seriously WHY are there so many sci-fi movies coming out?

Luke Cage just came out.
Supernatural season 12 premieres in 14 days.
Walking Dead season 7 premieres in 23 days.
Doctor Who series 10 doesn't premiere until APRIL so don't hold your breath.

The heroes of Hell's Kitchen is an amazing series of productions. Best thing Marvel has done, hands down. The other three are the only shows that I watch. In my studio. While I paint. Who watches them? Call me and let's talk about them. While I paint.

While you're waiting for those, don't forget I have an Instagram that I post on almost every day.

That is all. This station is now returned to its regularly scheduled programming.