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The Best Movies Streaming on Netflix Right Now - September 2015

Okay, you know the deal. I don't write these posts for the big  movies that happen to be streaming on Netflix. I write these posts for the ones people might not know about. For the indie films, the foreign films, the classic films we never thought would show up on Netflix, and the ones you may never have heard of. If you've seen my lists before, you know what types of things I like. And if you liked the previous lists, you'll like this. If you're new to my movie lists, check out the old ones.

This is by no means an exhaustive list. It has three limitations:
1. Things I've seen.
2. Things I noticed were on Netflix
3. Things that I like.

Here's the best stuff streaming on Netflix RIGHT NOW:

Housebound (NR - New Zealand)
When a young woman is convicted and placed
under house arrest with her strange family,
she begins to suspect her house is haunted.
In the vein of Tucker & Dale vs. Evil
and Cabin in the Woods.

Amelie (R - French)
Quirky and romantic, this cute little comedy
stole my heart.
In French with subtitles.

The Babadook (NR - International)
This horror metaphor for depression 
is mesmerizing. The tension is slow burn,
taut, and perfect. VERY creepy.

Bernie (PG-13)
Dark dramedy featuring Jack Black
in one of my favorite roles: a do-gooder
mortician who let's the town's wealthiest
widow get the best of him.

Cake (R)
O.M.G. you guys. I can't say enough about Cake.
Jennifer Aniston is brilliant.
So so good. So so sad.

Frequencies (NR - British)
Alternate-universe sci-fi romance:
how far you get in life is dependent on
your frequency. Higher frequency = more luck.

Hamlet (2000 - R)
Okay, I know it's not great. But if you haven't seen it, 
you should. Bill Murray? Ethan Hawke?
Hamlet delivering his soliloquy in the ACTION
section of a video-rental store? Classic.

The Double (R)
Based on a Dostoyevsky novella, this black comedy
is a dystopian mind bender. Beautifully shot and laced
with absurdity and melancholy. Jesse Eisenberg is great.
If Terry Gilliam's Brazil is an acid trip at Woodstock,
The Double is shooting heroin in a dirty alley in the rain. Alone.

Hector and the Search for Happiness (R - British)
Dramedy concerning a psychiatrist who decides to
take a trip around the world to research happiness.
Didn't get great reviews overall, but I love Simon Pegg,
and I loved the heart of this film. 
Sometimes critics just need to let it go and smile.

Moonrise Kingdom (PG-13)
Wes Anderson. I just love some Wes Anderson.
And Moonrise Kingdom does NOT disappoint.
It has been described as an eccentric,
pubescent love story. YES.
Watch this before it gets pulled.

Nightcrawler (R)
This film is chilling -- Jake Gyllenhaal oozing 
around with that hungry coyote look in his eyes.
WOW. One of the most under-appreciated films
of the year.

Primer (PG-13)
I have told people to watch Primer. Those of you
who know me have probably heard me mention it
more than once. Contemporary sci-fi about two 
software designers who accidentally invent
time travel in their garage. And it's not a comedy!

Rescue Dawn (PG-13)
Based on a true story, this film follows several
POWs during the Vietnam War who organize
an escape from their prison camp.

Seeking a Friend for the End of the World (R)
When the MC's wife leaves him, he sets out on
a quest to find the one that got away (not his wife), 
hoping to reconnect before an impending 
disaster destroys the Earth. On the way, he makes 
an unexpected friend.

The Sixth Sense (PG-13)
Shyamalan's debut. 
And it's streaming.
Right now.
On Netflix.

The One I Love (R)
An unexpectedly creepy and cerebral romantic comedy.

Zathura (PG)
Another board-game-sucks-you-into-an-insane-
fantasy-world film, Zathura is sweet, hilarious,
 and imaginative.
And directed by John Favreau.

To Kill A Mockingbird (NR)
How long has it been since you've seen this film?
Too long.

Hot Fuzz (R - British)
Did you know Hot Fuzz was on Netflix?
Now you do.

Hugo (PG)
A beautiful film about the advent of film.
As seen through the eyes of adorable
Asa Butterfield when he was a wee lad.
ps. This film is gorgeous.

The Hurt Locker (R)
This film put Jeremy Renner on the map for me.
It's painful and sad and timely and you'll never
forget it.

Consider this a public service announcement. 
Now you know that The Big Lebowski is on Netflix.

Man on Wire (PG-13)
Exploring Philippe Petit's high-wire walk between
the Twin Towers in 1974, this is a fascinating documentary.
If you're planning on seeing Robert Zemeckis' new film The Walk,
starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt, watch this first.

Oh, and those of you who haven't watched Daredevil?
This is the best thing Marvel has done. Hands down.
Go. Watch. Now.

Let me know if you watch any of these, what you think, what you recommend.
Thanks for reading. Have fun watching. Until next time.

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