Thursday, May 7, 2015

New Post-Apocalyptic Short Story on Patreon!

The new story is up on Patreon. The week it's post-apocalyptic.

Here's a preview:

Day 1273

A Dreamscapes Story
by Alicia VanNoy Call

The end of the world always comes when the White House gets blown up, or Lady Liberty’s head goes bouncing down the street. People stampede to get away as cars tumble through the air like leaves, or fall to their knees in the face of a roaring ball of fire, their sudden-faith prayers just a murmur under the scream of sirens. At least that’s how it happens in the movies.
But this isn’t the movies.
Penny and I, we used to talk about how we would know. When we’re at the end.
That's the thing. You don't always know.
We ran out of candles last month.

At first, the total darkness was disorienting. We stumbled over each other. Collided in the blackness. It wasn't as if we didn't know every inch of the shelter. It was just – when you can see, you take things for granted. I remember how we stared at that last little light, watching the wick in it's tiny puddle of wax. The rest of it had melted across the table. The flame jumped once and we held our breaths. Then it went out. . ..
Want to read the rest? Click here to visit the Fictions and Dreamscapes Patreon Project. If you like it, and the other stories there, consider becoming a patron! We only need $1.25 more per set to reach our first funding goal.

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