Thursday, April 23, 2015

New Sci-Fi Short Story up on Patreon!

The new story is available on Patreon. Sorry I posted it late. I did warn that alien abduction might warrant late posting.


This week's story is science fiction. Here's a preview:


A Dreamscapes Story
by Alicia VanNoy Call

The shuttle dips, low over a stand of trees, before the city bursts into view. 

"Set her down over there," Hendricks says.

We land in the town square -- clock tower on one end, playground on the other.  Benches and tables and trees with spring leaves shedding a flowery scent over the scene.

I step first onto the paving stones. Holding the scanner up, I survey the landscape. Nothing.

It's clear, sir.” I tap a few buttons.

Hendricks comes down the ramp. He walks a little ahead of me, turns in a circle.

"The plague's been here too."

"Yes, captain," I say.

"Well, let's have a look."

He walks through the square, weapon holstered. Birds scatter from a puddle as he splashes through it. There is a littering of seed pods and the wind and nothing else.

I put the scanner away.

It's the same here, as it has been in every city we've found on this world.

Want to read the rest? Click here to visit the Fictions and Dreamscapes project on Patreon. If you like it, tell your peeps and consider becoming a patron! Only $1.50 more per set and we'll reach our first funding goal. :)

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