Wednesday, April 8, 2015

New Dreamscapes Fantasy Short Story on Patreon

The new story is up on Patreon. This week it's fantasy. One of my patrons requested a specific genre with a specific subject, so here you go, Geary.

Here's a preview:


A Dreamscapes Story
by Alicia VanNoy Call

One day a boy fell into a river.

The boy had been poking among the rocks with a stick, searching for pollywogs under the weeping willow. The day was warm. Warm enough that the boy had taken off his socks and shoes.

A girl named Jenny watched from the watery shadows, minnows darting through her hair. She watched the boy wiggle his toes in the mud.

A few butterflies dashed about the bank and a nesting robin trilled in the branches overhead and the air smelled of blooming summer. The boy's dog napped in the shade.

The boy thought it the finest day he'd ever known, and resolved never to go inside again. He picked up a few pebbles and tossed them into the river. They made perfect little splashes.

The pebbles fell through the water, past Jenny's shoulder, glittering until they were lost in the silt below.

The boy's mother called him in for supper. She stood on the porch with her hands in her apron and called and called and since he wasn't hungry enough for supper, and had resolved to never go inside again, the boy waded into the water. . ..

Want to read the rest? Click here to visit the Fictions and Dreamscapes project on Patreon. If you like it, and the other stories, share them with your friends, and consider becoming a patron. Only $1.50 more per story and we'll reach our first funding goal!


  1. Oh man. I love this on so many levels. This is a real sea creature story. Love, love, love.


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