Friday, March 6, 2015

The Best Movies Streaming on Netflix Right Now

I haven't done one of these almost a year, and since Netflix pulls films from their streaming lists, and then inexplicably adds them again, it's good to keep track of what's available. I won't repeat anything from previous lists, but if you want to see the excellent movies I recommended before, you can find them at the bottom.

Remember, my tastes are eclectic. I like anything that's well-written and visually appealing to my dramatic, artistic, or geek nature. But if you liked the other lists, you'll like these.

Chef (R)
Part foodie, part road-trip, part father-son film, this Jon Favreau film
watches like a modern fairy tale. 
And it's a real treat.

Detective Dee and the Mystery of the Phantom Flame (PG-13)
Just watch it. 

 Good Will Hunting (R)
The film that catapulted Matt Damon into stardom.
Beautifully written, captivating performances.

K-Pax (PG-13)
I really. Really. Really. Really. Love. This. Film.

Labyrinth (PG)
If you haven't seen this Jim Henson classic, complete with singing/dancing/evil David Bowie

Mud (PG-13)
Matthew McConaughey is so compelling here.

 Night of the Living Dead - 1968 (R)
Curious from whence The Walking Dead sprang?

Silver Linings Playbook (R)
The winning team of Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence as two crazy people in love?
Hilarious and heart-breaking in turns.

 Snowpiercer (R)
Remember The Host, that Korean monster flick recommended in the June list?
This is by the same director. 

 What's Eating Gilbert Grape? (PG-13)
Quiet little drama film, when Leonardo DiCaprio wasn't anyone yet,
but his performance is spectacular.

Best movies on Netflix as of 


  1. Great movies! I was surprised to see I've actually seen about half of these. I kept thinking, "That's on Netflix right now?? I love that show!" Thanks for posting these lists!

  2. I LOVED Silver Linings Playbook and Gilbert Grape. Such great movies. Have you seen Unfinished Song? It is beautiful. I haven't cried that much in a movie in awhile.

    1. I haven't seen Unfinished Song. Is it on Netflix? I love a good recommendation. Thanks!


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