Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Fantasy Flash Fiction on the Dreamscapes Patreon Project

The new short story is up on Patreon! This week: noir urban fantasy.

Here's a preview:

A Perfect Spiral
A Dreamscapes Story

by Alicia VanNoy Call

If only I'd gone out there ten minutes earlier.
The body was warm. Electric-blue light still coming off of her like steam. She lay on her side, legs splayed between the refuse of soggy cardboard and Hefty bags, mane tangled across the wet asphalt. My hand was red where I had checked for her pulse. She smelled like lilacs.
I knew she was dead -- eyes glazed and staring skyward -- but I stood in the drizzle, blood pooling around my wingtips, and called for an ambulance.
Homicide showed up first.

Want to read the rest? Head on over to the Fictions & Dreamscapes Patreon project. If you like it, consider becoming a patron. Only $1.50 more per story and we'll reach our first funding goal!

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