Saturday, February 14, 2015

New Valentine's Story - Dreamscapes Style

Just in time for Valentine's Day, a love story direct from me to you. The first Dreamscapes tale and artwork are up on the Patreon page!

It's called Warp and Weft and here's a preview:

Aster and I are laughing over the looms in the weaving room when Micah bursts in. His goggles are high on his forehead, mask loose around his neck. Dust scatters when he waves his arms. 

“He's here, Korie! Slate's here!” 

 Aster and I are both frozen for a moment staring at Micah. He runs to the window and kneels on the bench. His boots are white with ash. Aster takes a deep breath. 

She must be breathing for me. 

She puts her shuttle down with both hands and goes over next to Micah. 

“How far out?” I ask. 

“Still outside the wall,” says Micah. “Half a mile.” He sounds like he's been running. 

My heart feels like it's going to scramble out of my chest, so I turn back to my loom and pass the shuttle from left to right. Pulling the beater back and switching feet on the treadles and pushing the beater out again and passing the shuttle from right to left – the clack of the loom reminds my heart how to pump blood through my veins at a reasonable pace again. I do a few more passes. 

“Thanks for telling me,” I say to Micah without stopping. “Now go back to the tower.” 

“Aw,” says Micah. “There's nothing to see for miles but him. I wanna meet him at the gate.” He bounces. I can hear the bounce in his voice. He smells like sunlight and little boy sweat. 

I throw the shuttle through the shed and yank the beater back. “I'm the only one who should meet him at the gate.” I'm staring at the pale weave, my hands working, but I know Micah scowls. 

The loom clatters. 

“I never get to have any fun,” he says. He stomps out of the room. 

“And wear your goggles,” I call after him. 

“Duh,” he calls back. 

Want to read the rest? Visit the Dreamscapes project.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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