Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Things I Saw

Since I've been going through some hard stuff, my husband thought it would be nice for me to see my friends in Utah while he went up there to tune pianos. So we drove up on Dec 1st. Here are some things I saw this past week.

Red cliffs in the open desert on the road somewhere between Utah Valley and the Valley of the Sun.

This tree is at UVU just outside the main ballroom on Wolverine Way. It's like 25 feet tall and changes color. It's pretty awesome. You should check it out.

An ornament on a tree.

Ann Cannon and Alisha Geary at The King's English in SLC.

Christian McKay Heidicker (who just sold a book to Simon & Schuster) at Sugarhouse Coffee.

Don Seegmiller posing in his office with the poster I made for him... of him... .

A dapper dinosaur.

Pretty candy at Blickenstaff's in the Provo Riverwoods.

The Creative Collective at a poetry slam.

These sunset clouds on the mountain, which were much more impressive in person.

My uncle's treadmill work station.

Our roadtrip novel: The Martian by Andy Weir.

"Stay off the Animals." Generally good advice.

 Geek graffiti.

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