Saturday, June 28, 2014

The Writer's Life

Geary and I are professional writers this week. On Monday, we went to the Orem Public Library and wrote for several hours before a bunch of errands we had to run.

I met Will Terry for lunch and we talked industry, philosophy, WIFYR, personal development, etc. All the stuff we normally talk about. I should have gotten a photo and I didn't.

Then I took Geary to Guru's. We love this place.

And we talked about things while she ate.

Then I went to see my grandparents that evening.

On Tuesday, I met Auntie and Uncle for breakfast. I told them the whole WIFYR story and they were so excited. After Uncle left, Auntie and I talked for another hour about anxiety and all sorts of things. As we do. 

I got back to Geary and we went to UVU campus so I could track down Don. He was in his office! So we made plans to meet for lunch, and then Geary and I  found a place to write in the new Student Life and Wellness building. It's gorgeous. There's a BOWLING ALLEY. I know.

I stopped by LA114 to pick up my award for 1st place in art from Warp & Weave this past semester. Then Don texted me and we met on Wolverine Way and we ate lunch and talked industry, teaching woes, professional development, etc. I love Don. Didn't get a picture then either.

Stopped by Perry's office:

We talked for a bit. 

We also got to catch up with Denise and Eric.

Denise is lovely. And her battle with cancer has only made her more lovely. The spirit of determination and empathy she carries is luminous.

Geary and I celebrated our birthdays (mine is a half-birthday):

We hung out in her room and watched Star Trek: Into Darkness, because we wanted to watch Sherlock, but the internet went out. So we watched Benedict Cumberbatch as Khan instead.

I got to the airport on Wednesday a little later than I would have wanted, and I was detained by security for a tactical pen I was carrying. My dad gave it to me. Yes, I know. I should know better than to carry anything my dad gives me onto a plane. But he assured me it would get past security, which it did in AZ. I was interviewed by three people. I had to explain why I had so many pens in my purse:

"Because I'm a writer."

What I use the tactical pen for:


Why I was in Utah:

"I was attending a writing conference. I was workshopping my novel."

O_O Oh, you really ARE a writer.

"Thank you."

They took pictures of me, wrote a report, confiscated my pen, and finally let me go. So I am on record with TSA now for trying to carry an illegal weapon onto an airplane.


I made my flight though, for which I was grateful.

When I got home, there were signs around the house:

Congratulations on winning the WIFYR fellowship award!
Welcome home, award-winning author!


When do we get to read your book?

Sorry, Mom and Dad. I'm waiting until publication for you to read it.

And through all of these days, I have been writing. I take myself seriously. I am getting my 3rd draft ready to send to John. This is going to happen.

Yes, actually. Yes, I am.


  1. Yes, Doll! You actually are.

    1. I {{{{{{squeeze}}}}}} your neck in a big hug.

  2. I'm so happy and excited for you!!!

  3. This is so going to happen for you Lee. I'm cheering for you all the way.

    P.S. I can't believe TSA took your pen.

    1. Right? It's not like I couldn't just stab any ol' Bic pen into someone's jugular.


      And thanks! Keep your fingers crossed for The Angel Room!


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