Friday, June 13, 2014

Revision Revision Revision

Did I ever tell you guys that writing a novel is really hard?

I know a lot of you already know that.

But it's really hard.

Like... REALLY hard.

Okay, maybe it's not that hard for most writers. I was sitting at coffee with Christian the other day and he was telling me about his WIP, which is actually his fourth book. But I've long held the opinion that Christian is a better writer than I am. And that's okay.

Seriously, that is okay. Because I get to see Christian on his journey and get to share a little piece of it and he inspires me. I would link you to his website, but if he has one, he's kept it a secret from me. Shhhh...

And maybe it was just this project that was really hard. Once you read the book, you'll be like, "Oh yeah, I can see why that would have been hard to write." Or maybe you'll be like, "wtf was she complaining about?" Anyway, my subsequent novels should be relatively easy in comparison, right? They should be cake, right?


So I'm revising the book. I have a 2nd draft done. And immediately when I finished the 2nd draft, I started on the 3rd draft.

Because I am literally an insane person.

But it's been lovely to turn the DawgArt shop over to Ty and just concentrate on the book for the past few weeks. I appreciate all of the support I've gotten from family, friends, readers, and fans. I get more emotional/intellectual/spiritual satisfaction out of writing than any other creative pursuit, so it's been wonderful to have this opportunity.

Here's a peek into my editing process: 

I can't believe the story is actually completed, front to back. It still seems so unreal. The most tangible visions of the future I've gotten about this book have been: when I held the printed manuscript (all 345 pages) in my hand at the readers' circle and when I went to the local indie book store for my friend Molly Idle's book signing 

and I saw her at the little table and I had this sudden vision of myself at that table. I told Tyler, "I'm going to be sitting there in a couple of years." He was like, "Duh." But it was huge shift in my consciousness. I could actually see it happening.

Back to critiquing manuscripts for my WIFYR workshop next week with ANN CANNON. Ya-yeah! Plus my best friend is in my workshop this year. That's. So. Cool. But for those of you would have your own manuscripts to add to, take a word of advice from The Doctor:

My motto for this month: Kill. Your. Darlings.

And this is for Geary:


  1. Okay, that has been the biggest pet peeve this whole spring. Frankenstein is a monster, but the creature he created is called Adam, not Frankenstein. Gah!


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