Sunday, June 1, 2014

Best Movies on Streaming Netflix as of June 2014

Here is my list of the best that streaming Netflix has to offer. Of course, this doesn't include things like The Avengers and Hunger Games, because you already know all about those and you can find them yourself. This list runs the gamut of genres in the last twenty years. I've tried to include something for everyone. You can find: indie drama, thriller, period pieces, dark comedy, sci-fi, rom-com, action, foreign, family friendly, and the just plain weird. (That's right, Donnie Darko, I'm looking at you.) And here's a link to the list from March, which focused on indie films not featured here. Have fun. And you're welcome.

Short Term 12 (R)
Life as a counselor in a group home for troubled youth.

Memento (R)
Mind-bending mystery by Christopher Nolan.

Much Ado About Nothing (PG-13)
Joss Whedon's just-for-fun Shakespearean romp. Filmed at HIS HOUSE.

Rabbit-Proof Fence (PG)
Three girls fight the aboriginal integration program in 1930s Australia.
Oh, the feels.

Saved! (PG-13)
Dark comedy about faith and what it means to be Christian.
Or maybe what it doesn't mean...

Outsourced (PG-13)
Tender, funny, and unexpectedly enjoyable.

Strictly Ballroom (PG)
Two words: Baz Luhrmann.

Shakespeare in Love (R)
When young Shakespeare falls in love with an ACTRESS (gasp), 
his current comedy turns into tragedy.

Mansfield Park (PG-13)
Writer Fanny Price makes her way in 1800s England.

An Ideal Husband (PG-13)
Oscar Wilde's hilarious play comes to life.

A Fantastic Fear of Everything (R)
When writer Jack Nife researches Victorian-era murderers, he develops agoraphobia,
and with good reason, we come to find out.

Happy Accidents (R)
Time-traveling romantic comedy with surprising depth and a great
performance by Vincent D'Onofrio.

Mr. Nobody (NR)
Mind-bending journey through a series of could-have-beens.

How I Live Now (R)
Surprisingly good apocalyptic tale set in a near-future UK.

Donnie Darko (R)

Cabin in the Woods (R)
Horror genre deconstruction by master of story, Joss Whedon.

Equilibrium (R)
A dystopian future that feels like it popped directly out of a Ray Bradbury short story.
Plus gun martial arts. And Christian Bale.

Monsters (R)
Post-alien invasion journey through Mexico by a photographer attempting to document
the Infected Zone. Visually great and atmospheric indie film.

Gwoemul - The Host (R)
(Korean 2006 - subtitled)
Entirely unexpected and totally delightful.

Troll Hunter (PG-13)
(Norwegian - subtitled)
Darkly funny mockumentary exploring a modern take on the Norwegian troll mythos.

Let The Right One In
(Swedish 2008 - subtitled)
Sinister and oh-so-dark, but surprisingly moving, this modern vampire fairy tale
features children in the main roles.

Children of Heaven (PG)
(Iranian - subtitled)
A brother and sister do their best to hide the loss of a pair of shoes
from their impoverished family. If you don't feel anything at the end of this movie, 
you might be a robot.

Shall We Dance? (PG)
(Japanese 1996 - subtitled)
An overworked business man decides to take dance lessons in secret.
Heart-warming and hilarious, the cultural context makes this movie shine.


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