Saturday, May 3, 2014

Book Reviews - April 2014

The Art of Racing in the Rain - Garth Stein

This novel is an amalgam of racing metaphors and a canine POV. Yes, this is a book from a dog's point of view that deals with racecar driving. I know. But it works.

As Enzo studies and lives with the humans in his family, he becomes heart-breakingly acquainted with the deepest sorrows life can provide. Through his eyes, we follow the triumphs and pitfalls of a modern family.

I literally sobbed at the end.

Warnings on: language, sexual situations.

Adult read.

Cloud Atlas - David Mitchell

Those of you who have read this book and liked it will say that the movie fell woefully short of capturing Mitchell's vision. But I came to this book through the movie, which I found fascinating. The book is even more mesmerizing, with the narrative split into different timelines, beginning with the oldest, working to the middle of the book with the timeline furthest in the future and then back to the oldest again. Mitchell is a master of various genres, voices, forms, and styles. With themes threading through each timeline that bind the whole together, Cloud Atlas is a stunning work. The motif of consumption alongside the preservation of souls was the most interesting to me.

Warnings on: language, violence, sexual situations.

Adult read.

Salvage - Alexandra Duncan

This YA book, reminiscent for me of Across the Universe by Beth Revis and Inside Out by Maria Snyder, is the author's debut novel. Lovely prose and an interesting storyline, Salvage follows Ava from her life aboard the Parastrata, to Gyre, the floating trash island, to Dubai, where she searches for long-lost family. As Ava struggles against the constraints of Parastrata culture, where she is dominated by the males in her life, Duncan's world-building is fully-fleshed and vivid.

I love good sci-fi, and Salvage is good.

Highly recommended.

Warnings on: sexual situations.

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