Monday, April 21, 2014

Just Be Nice

You know those people you have to deal with in life.
The ones who make you sick. Physically sick. Toxic people.
The ones who make you wish you could just be this dapper, smiling dude who doesn't care:

The ones to whom you wish you could say, "Just be nice." And they WOULD.
How awesome would that be?

Don't let those people ruin you.
Don't let them take your faith.
Or your power.
Or your confidence.
They can't make you feel small.

Don't let them dictate who you are, those toxic people.
Tell them, and the world, that you won't stand for it.

Have you always wanted to be different than you are? 
Use today to start to become who you want to be.

Just remember: karma is real. You'll get as good as you give. Eventually, everyone will.
Even them.


What do you think?