Friday, April 4, 2014

Forsooth, I find that I'm in need of readers!

I was going to write this whole entry in iambic pentameter, but I lost my momentum after the third line, so you'll have to enjoy that another time. Or, if you're really wanting something new in iambic pentameter, read the mad genius of Ian Doescher's Shakespeare's Star Wars: Verily A New Hope, or The Empire Striketh Back. Seriously. My brother and I held a partial reading of the first and a full reading of the second and THEY. ARE. BRILLIANT. We cried. Literally. If you are a true Star Wars geek and have Star Wars memorized, they'll be way more enjoyable. If not, you'll still get a kick out of them. They're endlessly clever and totally delightful. Cyndal and Calista read for Han and Leia, and we had a fit of the giggles when Calista's Luke saw Ben in the first scenes on Hoth. ("BEN???") We are interested to see who will end up producing them for the stage. Because someone HAS to. Right? Please? We eagerly await The Jedi Doth Return.

Art by Nicolas Delort

That being said, I need advance readers for my novel. I am finishing up the last chapters and I need people to read it and give initial reactions while I get ready for the first round of edits.

Email me at for the working manuscript and subsequent chapters.

And here are book trailers for Shakespeare Star Wars:
Verily, A New Hope 
The Empire Striketh Back


  1. I volunteer! Just let me know when :)

    1. Marie, write to me at the provided email and I'll send you the goods.


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