Friday, August 24, 2012

Amazing Flash Fiction

So I have been invited to present at a storytelling event on August 30th in Salt Lake City.  The event is called Goodnight Summer and will begin at 7pm.  There will be seven readers of poetry and short fiction and let me tell you, every single piece is GREAT!  (Even mine, they say.)  I will be presenting the first chapter of my novel (which is almost finished.)  If you want to come, let me know on Facebook and I will send you the invite.

But here is the flash fiction I wanted to share!  So at one of our Goodnight Summer rehearsals, Christian read this piece to us to fill a time slot (it will not be presented at the event) and I was amazed.  Do you ever run across pieces like that?  You read it and go, "If only I had written that!"

Here it is:

Mermaid In A Jar by Sheila Heti

Read and be thoroughly entertained for just a couple minutes.

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