Friday, January 27, 2012

Bookanalia Spring 2012 AND Publishing

So Geary and I went to a book sale today at the Provo Library. Ty's mom Karen was with us too. She got six books. Geary got 22-ish dollars worth. I got 37 books for $28.50, including:

The Isle of Blood (ARC) by Rick Yancey - third book in the Monstrumologist series.
Two YA ARCS (one dystopian), one called Drought and one called Variant.

Geary picked up the Cinder ARC. Good gleanings. I need a library. Like, one in my house. Or just a room the size of this house devoted to books. Book sales make me happy.


I sold a story to It was "Eric" and it will be available as a text and audio file in March or April. I will post details when they are available.


I will be a regularly contributing writer this year on


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