Thursday, November 17, 2011

Tap Dance

So Geary and I are tap dancers. I started as an adult, she grew up with it.

But we're both huge fans of Savion Glover, the greatest living hoofer in the world. If you're not familiar with his work, you can click here for a taste. We grew up with him on television and remember him dancing with Elmo, Snuffalupugus, and Big Bird, with Gregory Hines on Tap, and most recently, as Mumble on Happy Feet.

We were blessed to see Savion perform at the DeJong Theater at BYU on Tuesday. It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. We laughed. We cried. We got our tap shoes signed!

It's Savion!

I wrote something about him. It is just a series of observations, what I saw during the performance. With line breaks. So it's pseudo-poetry:

Dreadlocks pulled back
arms hang loose,
swing for balance as he moves from toe to heel and back again

feet produce a string of sound
a waterfall
a delicate syncopated series

subtle movement in the toes
almost imperceptible.

He bends at the waist, eyes closed,
hands cupped
turned upward
as if the sound trickles through his fingers:

a gesture of supplication
or offering.

A prayer
of pure nonverbal sound
floating heavenward.
Or moving down
through the conduit of dance
into us?

Sweat pours,
face a concentration of ecstasy
or passion -

shaman for hundreds.

Then he remembers us, the audience.
He smiles,

A tumble of sound.

It was really hard to say (gush, weep, gasp) anything but, "Savion! I'm such a big fan!" Like, aren't we ALL? But I think I managed to convey what his performance had meant to me. It was definitely a spiritual experience. The other two performers he brought with him, Marshall Davis, Jr. and Robyn Watson were great as well, but there's something extraordinary about Savion.

Here we are with Marshall Davis, Jr. and Robyn Watson. We were giddy. Can you tell?

Thanks Ginny, for arranging our tix. We wouldn't have been there without you! <3 *mwah* <3

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