Wednesday, April 13, 2011


So last semester, I told Tyler, "I can't keep getting first place like this because a semester will come up where I don't get any awards for writing and then instead of being happy I'm published at all, I will be sad I didn't place in the competition."

Don't I know myself so well?

I wrote to Warp&Weave this morning, because they have been notoriously unorganized in the past and asked me to read at the last minute, even though my piece had been selected as an award-winner. So I just said, "If you're still looking for readers, I'm willing to participate." They wrote back, "We already have our program set. Thank you for your interest."


So, not only did they not ask me to read, something I have enjoyed immensely for three semesters in a row, I obviously didn't place this semester. I was unreasonably disappointed when I read the email and felt like I could cry a little over it. Just like I predicted! (And they're giving cash prizes this semester. Wouldn't that have been awesome?)

So in a fit of sour grapes, I am staying home from the launch party and working on my art history project that is already two days late. Yippee.

Today is a cheeseburger day.

Any of you who want a copy of the newest issue of Warp&Weave, they will be $6.00. Message me and we'll figure out a way to transfer the money. Me, I'll just pick up my complimentary copy in the English office, like the sore loser I am!


  1. Don't be sad. It was just somebody else's turn to feel good, that's all. If it would have been up to me, you would have received first place. Now, have Tyler kiss the tears off your face and when I come over we will go get a superb dessert to help you feel better. Chin up DIL! Love you!

  2. Superb dessert sounds GREAT! ;)

  3. i will see you in a little over a month and we'll go out for dessert then, too. i can't wait! (you're an amazing writer, awards or not.)


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