Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Book Review - Peeps

Peeps by Scott Westerfeld

Okay, let's see a raise of hands. Who here is SICK of vampires? Yeah, me too.

I met Scott at the Provo Library in October. Everyone was dressed in steampunk to celebrate his Leviathan series, which I hear is amazing sci-fi fantasy. He was very nice. "You know what I love about this?" he said as he signed my tattered copy of Uglies. "It's been read more than once." Yep!

Back to Peeps. It's good. Yes, it's a vampire book. Yes, there's a forbidden romance, but it's not all gooey saccharin romance like in some vampire books we know. It's mostly gross and creepy. According to Westerfeld's supernatural world, vampirism is caused by a parasite. Parasite positives are called "peeps". And boy does Westerfeld give us some wonderful examples of parasites and how they work in hosts, achieving optimum virulence and all sorts of icky things.

I love a good twist on an old theme, and Peeps is just that. Remember how much I liked MT Anderson's Thirsty? Like that, only more scientific biological description and more hope. But you know, everyone has more hope than MT Anderson, except maybe Chuck Palahniuk.

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