Saturday, January 15, 2011

Book Review - Paint The Wind

Paint The Wind by Pam Munoz Ryan

Middle-grade adventure, Paint The Wind is about Maya, an eleven year-old orphan who lives with her severe paternal grandmother. Maya's parents died when she was young and she doesn't remember much about them. All she has left of her mother is a box of plastic horse toys and a photograph. When her grandmother passes away unexpectedly, Maya is sent to live with her mother's family. Over the course of a summer, Maya not only learns to ride a horse, but discovers a well of strength within. As she begins a journey to find herself, she finds connections to her parents as well, especially her mother.

Paint The Wind is a beautiful book, reminding me a lot of King of the Wind, The Black Stallion and Black Beauty. (I've been a horse lover forever.) It felt very nostalgic for me and it offered a connection between myself and my own eleven year-old daughter, Cyndal, who gave me the book for Christmas.

I highly recommend Paint The Wind to girls at the middle-grade level. This lovely book will appeal to horse lovers especially. A lively, poignant adventure for all.

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