Sunday, June 27, 2010


Dreamed last night that we lived in a commune making sacrifices to an angry god.

Culinary in nature, each sacrifice had a project leader. If the god didn't happen to like the most recent offering, a great invisible hand of retribution would sweep through the village and take the project head away from us, never to be seen again.

We weren't very good cooks.

The last offering (before I awoke) was a 30 foot-tall decorated cake with pink frosting, buttercream flowers and pools of sprinkles. We ran, screaming, as the wrath of the displeased god fell from above. Very much like Vivica Fox in Independence Day, without the heroic labrador and convenient janitor's closet.

I woke to the buzz of someone trimming their lawn.

Our tent-mate groaned, "Who weed-eats their yard on a Sunday morning at 6:30?"

I stretched. "Must be some landscaping company who's employees are Seventh-Day Adventists."

"Cuz their sabbath is on Saturday?"

"Yeah," I continued. "And they're cutting grass so early because they have a sensitivity to...."

"The sun?" my husband provided.

"Yeah," I said. "Seventh-Day Adventist vampire landscapers. Duh."

Thursday, June 24, 2010

I Scream, You Scream

Ice cream trucks: cheerful and ubiquitous. There are no less than four that scour our street for hot and suffering citizens. People willing to trade hard-earned cash for overpriced treats pulled from freezers that exhale white mist. One plays the Mickey Mouse Club theme song, one plays Entrance of the Gladiators (you know, the one you hear at the circus), another quacks and whinnies, rolling down the street to a soundtrack of galloping hooves.

One ice cream truck on my street comes out every day of the year. This past winter, I peered out through flurries of fat snowflakes to see the persistent truck driver pass our house at a crawl.

This is an unforgettable image: the unfailing ice cream truck, battling drifts and slush to deliver sweets in a blizzard.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Here's to:

Puffs Plus,
sentence fragments ,
organic curry,
photos of goats,
disobedient skirts,
Lady GaGa,
true confessions,
blueberry muffins,
"Every Minute Counts!",
showing not telling,
Avatar's enduring story,
bitter tears,
toe museums,
AnnDee Ellis,
Sam and Mabel and Novi and Rhoda,
telling the truth,
quelling the fear,
writing it down.