Sunday, November 7, 2010

Teen Fest

So on October 30th, 20 local authors, along with Scott Westerfeld, congregated at the Provo library for a signing, meeting, bibliophile-celebrating extravaganza. All the writers and staff were in steampunk costumes. Many of the kids came in costume as well. I saw one walking loofah and it made me laugh.

I met every writer there and collected autographs on bookmarks, books I brought from home, a get-well card for my lovely sick friend and one in my sketchbook. (Thanks Nathan Hale!)

I got to have a little chat with Sara Zarr. She encouraged me to stay motivated and keep working on my manuscript. (She read the first two chapters at WIFYR.) Seeing her and talking with her made me smile. Ann Dee Ellis gave me a hug and asked me how everything was going. Carol Lynch Williams did the same. (I love those girls!) It's very happy-making to talk with writers I admire. It made me want to read Once Was Lost, This Is What I Did: and Glimpse again. Nathan Hale looked through my sketchbook and said it looked good. "Keep developing the art and the writing and you'll be able to do something with both," he told me. I got to meet Ally Condie finally. She's very nice and seems pretty chill.

Thank you for the encouragement everyone. It's so wonderful to have so many friends who share my interest in writing and reading!

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