Monday, November 22, 2010

Book Review - Falling Boy

Falling Boy by Alison McGhee

This is a strange tale about odd children. Maybe the children aren't odd, just their experiences. Falling Boy tells the story of Joseph, his co-worker Zap and the little girl who visits their coffee shop, Enzo. Falling Boy explores the effects of familial dysfunction and the worlds children build to escape their troubles.

McGhee has a gift for prose. There were many gems to be found in the text, combinations of words that I wouldn't expect. I found myself at a distance from the characters however, perhaps because the approach felt somewhat clinical. But the reveal about Joseph's accident and the true nature of the animosity between Zap and Enzo is quite fascinating.

Beautifully written, I am sure to read it again, an interesting study of child psychology and McGhee's style appeals to me. I wouldn't recommend it for children, even though the characters are adolescents. It's just a little too adult in its delivery.

Warning: Language.

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