Friday, November 5, 2010

Book Bacchanalia

So on October 14th, The Salt Lake City Public Library had a book sale for all the books they're retiring from their shelves. Hardbacks were $1.00, paperbacks were $0.50. That's right. One dollar and fifty cents. Lish, Ty and I went to the library around one. Or was it eleven. I don't really remember. I know that it started at 7am, but we didn't go that early.

It was a room in the basement, packed with sliding piles of books grouped into genres not in alphabetical order and crowds of bibliophiles in a barely controlled frenzy. As I moved immediately to the YA section, I was struck by the proximity of the people around me. They were CLOSE. Very close. The experience was quite claustrophobic. But the lure of inexpensive books was too much to resist. I could smell people. I usually can't, but in this room I could. That's how close they were.

Ty ended up chilling in a corner, guarding our mountain of books. We picked up things we thought the other would like, culled the unwanteds from the mountain and ended up with about one hundred books altogether.

I spent forty dollars. Lish spent thirty-two. We were giddy.

Lish's books. Can you feel the joy?

Me and my new books. I tell people it's a sickness. I don't care for a cure though... :)


  1. Nice! So I guess you are now sick of buying books and don't want a Barnes and Noble gift card for your birthday? ;) Love ya

  2. i will never be sick of buying books!


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