Monday, October 4, 2010


Sometimes I feel like this novel thing is totally "rad" (as Christian would say), a "moral imperative" (as Neil would say), or even bigger than that. Maybe "epic" (as Kenna would say). (Well, even if the novel itself isn't epic, the project seems to be.)

And then sometimes, I feel crazy for even attempting it. Carol's written over twenty novels. Twenty? I should be drawing for at least two hours a day in my sketchbook. TWO HOURS. But more often I find myself writing. What if I could just do this? All day, every day. Write, write, write, write. Dude, I should get a grant for writing. Now, that would be rad.

In the meantime, art or writing, one or the other suffers.

My new goal for a quick and dirty rough draft is the end of this month. Then I'll have time to do revisions for the Delacorte First Novel Contest. Anybody else have any writing goals?


  1. I was thinking about what you said (or rather, what you told me Geary said) about me and writing. So my goal is to write more - rambling nonsensical poems and snippets of dead-end stories - in hopes of reigniting my imagination (which, in turn, should improve my illustrations). And that's my writing goal.
    Just thought I'd let you know.
    Also: thank you for quoting/paraphrasing me in this post. Made my day. :)

  2. Well, I get to make an appearance in a paraphrase too. Kenna, you need to get over your denial and realize that you are a writer too. Dearest Lee, you have a gift, a gift that will change the world, has changed it, and will continue to change the world. There is no either/or in this issue. You are what you are. Make room for the joy of both and be what you are meant to be.

  3. "Cast off the ranger. Be who you were meant to be."


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