Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Book Review - The Sky is Everywhere

The Sky is Everywhere by Jandy Nelson

"Sadness pulses out of us as we walk. I almost expect the trees to lower their branches when we pass, the stars to hand down some light. I breathe in the horsy scent of eucalyptus, the thick sugary pine, aware of each breath I take, how each one keeps me in the world a few seconds longer. I taste the sweetness of the summer air on my tongue and want to just gulp and gulp and gulp it into my body -- this living, breathing, heart-beating body of mine."

Seventeen-year old Lennie Walker's sister has passed away suddenly. Now Lennie must navigate her grief, along with the mystery of a mother that can't be found and two boys that compete for Lennie's attention.

Carol recommended this to me. The prose is exquisite. I started crying on page 84. Didn't really stop either. What a beautiful, confused tale told in a beautiful, crisp way. I am so very impressed. Did I mention the prose is exquisite?

Those of you who are sensitive to language, be warned. But I highly recommend this novel. Shar, if you haven't, read this. That's all.


  1. i haven't even been to the library here, but now i have to find it so i can find this book.
    or wait - i have a gift card i got for my birthday. do i need to own this? do i?

  2. are you signing up for nanowrimo?

  3. You need to own this. Considering what you're working on. You should buy it.


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