Thursday, August 19, 2010

Attention Deficit

I'm so distractible.

It's frustrating, but I am entirely to blame for any lack of progress due to distraction. I can say that yes, I have been helping a writing peer get his manuscript ready for submission, which can take any number of hours per day, depending on what we're doing. I can say that yes, I have been doing chores: dishes, laundry, errands to get ready for school.

But I have also watched the second half of So You Think You Can Dance: Season 7, played Rock Band with my husband and read another whole book (after I finished The Book Thief) and a half when I should be writing.

Maybe I got a little burned out, writing for hours a day and the pace isn't meant to be maintained that long. Maybe I got a little burned out with the subject matter. As many are fond of saying, my manuscript is "DARK". Maybe I got a little burned out after receiving feedback from so many sources that I needed to center and remember that I'm only on the first draft and not to take it personally.

Chill out Alicia! Take a deep breath, drink some water, draw a picture, wash your hair.

So, I am back on the writing track today, finishing up chapter ten and starting eleven. I adore and appreciate everyone (Christian, Carol, Geary, Tyler, Jon&Rach) for all the feedback, encouragement and writing love.

Back to it!


  1. way to go! i had to stop getting feedback and just focus on writing the story. for me, feedback time will come once it's done.
    that said, i can't wait to read more of it. soon :)

  2. Be sure to remind me when you're ready for it. I'm sure to forget!


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